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Trump: fuel on the fire

[A Mexican perspective on what’s happening in the US] A La Jornada Editorial Nothing could be more provocative in the uncontrolled US social scene than President Donald Trump’s announcement of launching the armed forces against what he called “domestic terrorism”…

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What’s the Military For?

By Raúl Romero* On Monday the 11th of May, a contract was published in the Official Journal of the Federation that makes the permanent Armed Forces available to carry out tasks of public security. The agreement, dated last May 8,…

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Militarization in Mexico Advances with a Red Zone in the South-Southeast

By: Eugenia Lopez Translated by El Enemigo Común Militarism in Mexico is increasing. President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, along with the commander of the National Guard Luis Ramirez Bucio, at an August 13th press conference shared a document titled “The…

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