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Altamirano, Chiapas: Mass kidnappings of opponents of the political machine

The 10 drivers released on March 22 provided this photo of themselves to El Heraldo. By: Isaín Mandujano In the municipality of Altamirano a paramilitary group linked to the Pinto Kanter family, the PVEM and the Alliance of Social Organizations…

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They release 9 of the 53 kidnapped in Altamirano  

Translation of the banner: August 14 Social Movement, composed of the union of barrios and ejidos, as well as social organizations and work groups say Enough of the kidnappings! Violence continues to escalate and may have reached a critical juncture…

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(On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine.)  ZAPATISTA SIXTH COMMISSION Mexico March 2, 2022 To those who signed the Declaration for Life: To the national and international Sixth: Compañer@s and herman@s: We tell you our words and thoughts about what…

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Post-electoral conflict in Oxchuc, Chiapas

[Admin: Here are 2 articles from La Jornada about the post-electoral conflict in Oxchuc, an indigenous municipality in Chiapas. The town of Oxchuc is located approximately half-way between San Cristóbal and Ocosingo.] OXCHUC: ONE WOUNDED, HOUSES BURNED IN CHIAPAS CONFLICT…

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Farce and tragedy in the US

By: Miguel Tinker Salas* and Victor Silverman** A year ago, we wrote an essay entitled “Coup d’ etat in the US” that analyzed the dramatic events of January 6 and the taking of the Capitol in Washington by followers of…

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