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The López Montejo brothers are free after 11 years in prison

By: Yessica Morales *Abraham and Germán were arrested on January 17, 2011, being arbitrarily deprived of their freedom and each one sentenced to 75 years in prison [for murder].  The brothers Abraham and Germán López Montejo [1] were set free…

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State Racism and War Against the People in Chiapas

Above Photo: More than 3,000 residents of Aldama Municipality have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to paramilitary violence. By: Gilberto López y Rivas This past November 4th, the Fray Bartolomé Human Rights Center (Frayba) published on their page…

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The EZLN Breaks the Racist Siege for Now

By: Magdalena Gómez The 177-member Zapatista airborne company, called The Extemporaneous (La Extemporánea), took off from Mexico City yesterday bound for Vienna, Austria, with a stopover in Madrid. It was not easy to overcome the structural racism related to the…

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Dispute over the past and internal colonialism

By: Luis Hernández Navarro In his Memories, published for the first time in 1955, Jaime Torres Bodet bemoans how the historical interpretation of the conquest and the colonial past of México have painfully and pointlessly divided the country. Secretary of…

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From the Popular Consultation to the National Campaign for Truth and Justice

By: Magdalena Gómez August 1, 2021 will be marked by the first popular “consulta” (consultation or referendum) held on a national scale, with a constitutional and legal basis, the product of four decades of struggles to open the way to…

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Mexican government denies passports to EZLN delegates; Galeano accuses racism

From the Editors of La Jornada The Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE, its initials in Spanish) has denied a passport to several indigenous people who were designated as delegates of the Ejército Zapatista National Liberation Army in a commission that will…

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