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The post-pandemic world

By: Raúl Zibechi “The period from 1990 to 2025/2050 will most likely be a period of little peace, little stability and little legitimation,” wrote Immanuel Wallerstein en 1994*. In periods of turbulence and confusion, it’s advisable to consult compasses. He…

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La Caracola and the color of the Earth

By: Carlos Fazio In February, the Zapatista women announced from the mountains of the Mexican southeast the suspension of the Second International Meeting for Women in Struggle, scheduled for next March in their regional territories. One of the reasons given…

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Autonomous Municipalities and 40 years of resistance

Juan Trujillo Limones “We clearly told the government in 1994 that the people are going to rule in Chiapas,” commented the indigenous Tojolabal Aurelio on that summer morning, while he mixed the cement for repairing the wall of the secondary…

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Gramsci, Fanon and after

By: Raúl Zibechi Not so long ago someone wrote that what’s important is not who speaks, but rather from where he does it. Recently I was able to understand the central aspects of the Antonio Gramsci’s thinking about the campesino…

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Venezuela, the puppet and the puppeteer

By: Luis Hernández Navarro The scenography One word sums up the attempted State coup against President Nicolas Maduro on this April 30: failure. Boasting, the Venezuelan opposition gambled on overthrowing the president. It lost. After some skirmishes, their call quickly…

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