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“The Supreme Court ruling against pig farms, a door for the protection of Maya ecology”

LAWYER: A NATIONAL EXAMPLE IN ENVIRONMENTAL LAWSUITS THAT NATIVE PEOPLES USED TO LOSE After three years of legal processes, the residents won the Homún litigation against Keken. In the archived image, Doroteo Hauku, leader of the Kana’an Ts’onot (Guardians of…

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Supreme Court orders construction of a pig farm in Yucatán to stop

Photo: Homún residents protest against the pig farm Text by: Eduardo Murillo La Jornada | May 20, 2021 The construction of a mega pig farm in Homún, Yucatán, will remain stopped because the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation…

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The war for water in Morelos

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Cuauhtémoc Blanco, the Mexican midfielder who has scored the most goals in official competitions, scored a self-goal. Last September 24, now as governor of Morelos, he declared that the head of the State Attorney General’s Office…

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The CNI-CIG and EZLN: For Life and Against Money

The CNI-CIG and the EZLN Call for Solidarity with the People’s Front in Defense of the Land and Water of Morelos, Puebla, and Tlaxcala November 2020. To the people of Mexico: To the peoples of the world: To the Sixth…

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Indigenous people of Palenque win suspension of the Maya Train

First is health, judge decides By: Elio Henríquez San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas A federal court granted a protective order (amparo) to Chiapas indigenous people by means of which it orders that work on the Palenque stretch of the…

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Indigenous peoples will suffer more damage from the virus

By: Gloria Muñoz Ramírez Los de Abajo Added to oblivion and marginalization, indigenous communities will resent even more the effects of the virus that invades the entire world. Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, has been clear:…

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