Art of the Commune | Arte de la comuna




I am a human rights and cultural justice organizer, dedicated to transforming the world through music, words, poetry and other acts of humanity. I believe as one of my favorite poets declared: "The revolution is to be human." My work is dedicated to changing the relationship between humans and humans and between humans and the natural world to restore humanity's place in the cosmos and earth. I believe that each one of us must be whole and work for and in healthy community and have access and contribut to creating clean air/free wind, clean land/organic-traditions, and clean water. Each one of us is not a function, a worker, a secretary, a consultant, a poet, but can be all these things at once and separately. I am contradictory and restless, unique and common, I am bilingual and seek pleasure in creating music, poems, painting, dialogue, listening, participating in the chaos of tenderness called community, land, and place where there is room for all us. I was born in the mouth of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande and acknowledge that I who I am because I walk with my contemporaries and with my ancestors, listening, leading, following, transcribing, dictating, dreaming, working in the dust of endless fields with all of them at once and separately ignoring them individually and collectively. I am working to organize la revolucion emplumada, the new big bang, the human revolution of our place, so that we can heal ourselves in a different lasting way, where we are all healers of a different type and take our time to prepare all our generations for their tasking, their relaxation, their restlessness and dreaming in my place, when my body is done and all that is left is the waves and imprints I created out of my body and her vibrations of life and living...