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Category: Class Struggle

The “ya basta” of the indigenous Otomí community

By: Magdalena Gómez A movement is underway that did not begin on October 12 with the decision of the Otomí community of indigenous Otomí residents in Mexico City to take over the central offices of the National Institute of Indigenous…

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Prison and the pandemic: freedom, according to Chiapas indigenous prisoners

By: Al-Dabi Olvera * The Covid-19 infection of eight indigenous activists in a small San Cristóbal de las Casas prison and the subsequent outbreak of hunger strikes in prisons de throughout Chiapas, once again lift the veil from the structure…

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Capitalism and the coronavirus

By: William I. Robinson* The confinement at home decreed in the United State (US) and in many countries of the world to confront Covid-19 has paralyzed the capitalist economy and has therefore demolished the process of capital accumulation. That this…

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