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Tseltal march demands the freedom of imprisoned and persecuted leaders

By: Isaín Mandujano More than a thousand Catholic men and women from the Tseltal region of Chilón held a march-procession to demand the freedom of nine community leaders, two from that region, five from San Juan Cancuc and two from…

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Chiapas and the Zapatistas face a dramatic increase in violence

By: Mary Ann Tenuto-Sánchez When discussing the increased violence in Chiapas, it’s helpful to remember that there is a neoliberal effort underway, promoted by the World Bank, to bring indigenous peoples in southeast Mexico into the capitalist marketplace. The vehicle…

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Catholics march in 10 Chiapas cities demanding peace and justice

By: Elio Henríquez, Correspondent San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas – Thousands of Catholics of the Diocese of San Cristóbal participated in what was called a Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice in at least 10 cities to protest the violence…

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Llamado al gobierno mexicano de poner fin y desmantelar guerra paramilitar contra comunidades indígenas y zapatistas

Alto a la guerra paramilitar contra las comunidades indígenas y zapatistas Alto a los megaproyectos e industrias extractivas en territorios indígenas y zapatistas To read the version in English, click here: End all Mexican Government support & disband the paramilitary…

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Pueblo Creyente proposes to construct autonomy in their communities

CHIAPAS: “We propose constructing autonomy in our communities,” 25 anniversary of Pueblo Creyente* Communiqué of Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) on the Sixth Anniversary of the Death of Jtatik Samuel (Bishop Samuel Ruiz) “We denounce the death projects” To public opinion…

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