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The Article 27 Reform Fiasco: Advancement of Intensive Agriculture

By: Ana de Ita* Thanks to the series of excellent reports, “Echos of the Agrarian Counter-reform” that La Jornada offered us last week, it is possible to take a closer look at what has happened with the agrarian question after…

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Llamado al gobierno mexicano de poner fin y desmantelar guerra paramilitar contra comunidades indígenas y zapatistas

Alto a la guerra paramilitar contra las comunidades indígenas y zapatistas Alto a los megaproyectos e industrias extractivas en territorios indígenas y zapatistas To read the version in English, click here: End all Mexican Government support & disband the paramilitary…

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Brief chronology of paramilitary violence in Chiapas

In the last several years, and escalating during 2021, paramilitary attacks on indigenous communities where civilian Zapatista supporters and sympathizers live have intensified and they have done so with impunity. In September, the EZLN warned that the paramilitary violence was…

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Shelter in Solidarity: Support the Zapatista Communities

Dear Family & Friends of the Chiapas Support Committee, WE ARE INVITING YOU TO JOIN US —during one of the most challenging of years— in people-to-people solidarity with the Zapatista communities. The pandemic provides one of the most revolutionary of…

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Be the dream! Support Zapatista parents & children build schools

Join us in a solidarity action: Be the dream! Support Zapatista parents & children build schools Dear Friends & Supporters of the Chiapas Support Committee, Our warmest wishes to you in this season of holidays filled with joyous struggles for…

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Chomsky: impossible for campesinos of Mexico to compete with US agriculture

By: Martín Hernández Alcántara, La Jornada de Oriente Puebla, Puebla The philosopher, political scientist and US activist Noam Chomsky criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), whose fifth round of negotiations concluded last week, and warned that Mexico is at…

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