Chiapas Support Committee


The Shipwreck of the Mexican State

THE SHIPWRECK OF THE MEXICAN STATE  By Rafael Barajas and Pedro Miguel Without drug money, the Mexican economy would collapse, which is why politics, economics and organized crime are entwined at the highest levels. That reality, underlying the students’ massacre,…

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Ya Basta: the zapatistas eighteen years later

ya basta: the zapatistas eighteen years on mary ann tenuto of the chiapas support committee speaks with i.t.a. it has been eighteen years since the zapatista uprising. what is the situation like in chiapas today? In a nutshell, what…

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Raúl Zibechi: Paraguayan Mirror

The Paraguayan Mirror By: Raúl Zibechi A State coup is an action from above to interrupt a political process. It’s not important who carries it out, nor the methods that are used. Coups in the style of the one that…

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Raúl Zibechi: New US Strategy Threatens Latin America

New US Strategy Threatens Latin America By: Raúl Zibechi In April, the United States government launched a potent counter-offensive to recuperate lost ground in a region that continues being vital for its global domination. No one in his right mind…

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