Chiapas Support Committee


The Tseltal communities that resist the National Guard

Text and photos: Orsetta Bellani in Pie de Página The Chilón Community Government is opposed to the megaprojects and the presence of National Guard barracks, which has now been constructed by order of Sedena, [1] thus violating the right of…

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In Chiapas, paramilitaries expel Tseltals for refusing to buy weapons

Differences over the use of 20 million pesos that they won in the presidential plane raffle derived into the expulsion of 28 Tseltal families from the community of Nacimiento, [1] in Ocosingo Municipality, who allegedly refused to buy firearms.Photo: Displaced…

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Orcao Destroys Zapatista Building in Patria Nueva

Orcao Destroys A House of EZLN Support Bases, Denounces Good Government Junta Para leer este artículo en español: ** It points out that the three levels of “bad government” organize attacks on autonomous territories ** The house served as a…

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Zapatista Bases Denounce Attacks by the Orcao

EZLN Bases Denounce Attacks by the ORCAO para leer en español: ** They are paramilitaries and have the support of police, assure the Zapatistas ** The aggressors come from the Guadalupe Victoria, Las Conchitas and Pojcol Ejidos By: Hermann Bellinghausen…

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