Orcao Destroys Zapatista Building in Patria Nueva

Orcao Destroys A House of EZLN Support Bases, Denounces Good Government Junta

Para leer este artículo en español: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2011/08/21/politica/015n1pol

** It points out that the three levels of “bad government” organize attacks on autonomous territories

** The house served as a kitchen for civilian observers; was razed by some 150 people

Hermann Bellinghausen

The Good Government Junta Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, in the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, denounced that last August 17 in Patria Nueva community, January 1st Region, Lucio Cabañas autonomous municipality, Chiapas, the Regional Organization of Ocosingo Coffee Growers (Orcao, its initials in Spanish) committed new aggressions, when some 150 people destroyed a house belonging to the EZLN’s support bases that was used as a kitchen for the peace campers and civilian observers.

The aggression was directed by Orcao’s local representatives Cristóbal Gómez López, El Saddam, and Manuel Bautista Moshan, El Empresario, coordinated by the directors Antonio Juárez Cruz, Alejandro Gómez Navarro and Carlos Ramírez Gómez, and advised by Nicolás López Gómez, El Tzirin, Juan Vázquez López and José Pérez Gómez.

The Junta maintained: “The courage of the three levels of the bad government is because they don’t want their bad practices to be made public, therefore it organizes ignorant people to inject its deadly projects into our autonomous territories, where we are also governing in our way, as the people want. We do not struggle by obligation or manipulation, like those local and regional representatives and advisors, and the alleged federal, state and municipal governments, where it has poor people under pressure and threat, obliging them to receive miserable projects and making provocations.”

It pointed out that the Orcao threatens to expel “those who do not comply with signals to provoke in Zapatista territory.”

The aggressors attempted to enter into a “wooden house” that serves as an autonomous secondary (middle) school and threatened to destroy it.

“We know that they are only some helpers, because the real intellectual authors are Felipe Calderón and Juan Sabines Guerrero, who execute projects of death and war for millions of pesos that are injected into our territories.”

A contractor arrived later with excavation machinery. “The Orcao members were looking after him and continued with their threats to kill the Zapatistas with machete blows or bullets,” the Junta pointed out. Later, the Orcao members formed seven groups, communicating with cell phones. “We saw that the governments have structured it (Orcao) well to provoke our compañeros,” it pointed out.

This is not the only aggression. On July 10, two cameramen from the Caracol of Morelia were assaulted in Ocosingo. Near the terminal for the Ocosingo-Altamirano route, three individuals obliged them to board a white Tsuru car, without license plates. They immediately transported them to the Sauzal barrio, in the same city.

The Zapatistas were robbed of a portable computer, two video cameras, a photo camera, a cell phone, 600 pesos and an equipment case. They stayed enclosed for four hours. Two of the kidnappers left, leaving another man on guard. According to the Junta, “our compañeros, upon seeing the possibility of confronting him, were able to escape with severe blows on the face.” One of the assailants was identified as Juan Decelis, a native of Balaxté.

One of the kidnappers had been invited several times “by a person that calls himself José Guadalupe,” who “initiates projects for the communities,” to “work as a spy.” In reprisal for not accepting, he was robbed of the equipment. The three levels [of government] are “the responsible authors” because “they develop and impel the provocations. They don’t use soldiers now, but indigenous people.

“For years they have executed millions of pesos wanting to destroy us in order to give our land away, finish with our customs and our language, but as the world can see, we continue alive and resisting as Zapatistas.

“We do not respond to their provocations; we know that we are constructing life and not death like the bad governments do. We are not beggars like them. Nevertheless, there is no government to fear, not with millions of pesos have they been able to eliminate us, much less with a little organization like the Orcao,” the Junta concluded.


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Sunday, August 21, 2011


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