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The Chiapas Power Keg

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Chiapas is a powder keg about to explode. Violence multiplies alarmingly. Armed attacks by paramilitaries against Zapatista communities are frequent and intensifying. Organized crime groups organize levies (forced recruitment) of young people to swell their armies….

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“Sembrando Vida”: Counter-insurgency, neoliberalism and clientelism

Folks in Chiapas say that this federal anti-poverty program is actually a counterinsurgency program that divides communities. By: Aldo Santiago While Andrés Manuel López Obrador tours the various countries of Central America to promote the extension of governmental assistance programs…

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Second Call to the Caravan and International Gathering the South Resists! 2023

To the peoples in resistance and rebellion of the South-Southeast of Mexico To national and international organizations of struggle below and to the left To the world’s human rights organizations To free, alternative or whatever media are called After meeting…

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