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Burial without a corpse

By: Gustavo Esteva The funeral of neoliberalism was decreed, but we do not know which corpse they will bury. President López Obrador once again showed his desire to liquidate the neoliberal era, to which he rightly attributes a large amount…

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EZLN and CNI-CIG on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec referendum

COMMUNIQUE FROM THE CNI-CIG AND THE EZLN: Another Simulated Referendum to Justify Megaproject Development on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec To the people of Mexico: To the people of the world: To the CIG Support Networks: To the Networks of Resistance…

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STATEMENT OF THE THIRD NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE NATIONAL INDIGENOUS CONGRESS, THE INDIGENOUS GOVERNMENT COUNCIL AND THE EZLN To the peoples of the world To the organizations and collectives in resistance and rebellion To the networks of resistance and rebellion…

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National Indigenous Congress: this government deepens neoliberal policies

By: Carolina Gómez Mena “What we are seeing with this new government is the continuation of neoliberal policies,” but it’s also the “deepening,” [of those projects] based “on the support, on the consensus that the president (Andrés Manuel López Obrador)…

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Constructing the Maya Train “is going to be a disaster,” Francisco Toledo warns

The painter asks the President “to assert the right that the region’s indigenous communities have to grant or refuse their consent” to that infrastructure project Photo by Jorge A. Pérez Alfonso: Francisco Toledo, who participated in inauguration day of the…

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