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Social decomposition and overflowing violence hit Chiapas

Above: A self-defense group named El Machete irrupted in Pantelhó last July. Photo: Elio Henríquez Tobar This is the first of Hermann Bellinghausen’s two-part overview and analysis of the current situation in Chiapas that led Subcomandante Galeano to say that…

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ORCAO, the paramilitary arm  

Above: The mural ORCAO destroyed in Ricardo Flores Magón autonomous Zapatista municipality By: Luis Hernández Navarro Just last September 11, two Zapatista authorities from the Patria Nueva good government junta, of Caracol 10 (Ocosingo), José Antonio Sánchez Juárez and Sebastián…

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The March of the Color of the Earth

 By: Luis Hernández Navarro Twenty years have passed since The March of the Color of the Earth, the Zapatista journey through 12 states that shook deep Mexico. Between February 24 and March 28, 2001, 24 rebels traveled 3,000 kilometers of…

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“San Andrés strengthened the processes of autonomy, with or without recognition from the State”

By Daliri Oropeza Twenty-five years have passed since the San Andrés Accords were signed. The agrarian lawyer Carlos González, founding member of the National Indigenous Congress, believes that the reality of Indigenous peoples changed following the signing of the document,…

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