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They commemorate the Acteal Massacre with a procession and 45 black crosses

By: Hermann Bellinghausen Acteal, Chiapas In front of “the sacred mountains as witnesses,” the survivors and heirs of the victims of the massacre that occurred here 25 years ago stated that they have always struggled “for a dignified and just…

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Acteal infamy, 25 years in memory

By: Hermann Bellinghausen* San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas A quarter of a century ago, on December 22, 1997, the direst of omens were fulfilled for the communities of Las Abejas and the support bases of the Zapatista National Liberation…

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Las Abejas of Acteal: Violence against Tzotzils continues 25 years after the massacre

By: Sare Frabes Last Thursday (10), days before the 25th anniversary of the Acteal Massacre, members of the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal demonstrated peacefully to denounce the violence that different communities are currently experiencing in the municipality…

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Non-stop “bullet baths” against Tsotsils in Aldama

Above: Cocó community, Aldama, Chiapas – Photo: EFE, Carlos Lopez By:  Hermann Bellinghausen The daily life of violence can anesthetize public opinion, but not those who suffer it every day. Not one day goes by without bullet baths against more…

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Endless Colonialism

By: Hermann Bellinghausen Outside of some academic debates, a taboo subject in Mexico, and in general the continent, is internal colonialism. Accepting that it exists, the majority societies fear, can undermine the Nation, that sometimes ameboid state that makes us…

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CIDE and the Acteal Massacre

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Repeating it is inevitable. One more anniversary of the Acteal massacre approaches, in which 45 indigenous people from the municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas, were savagely murdered by paramilitaries. The massacre is a wound that cannot heal….

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