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Category: Internal colonialism

Altamirano residents resort to armed self-defense to shake off the caciques

Above Photo is a screen shot taken from the armed self-defense group’s video. By: Angeles Mariscal In Altamirano, the municipality located in the jungle zone of Chiapas, the Kanter family has governed since 2002. The men of the family and…

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They demand forming a municipal council in Altamirano

Above Photo: La Jornada – In an assembly held on September 24, hundreds of residents of Altamirano, Chiapas, demanded forming a municipal council, thereby rejecting that Gabriela Roque Tipacamú, of the Green Party, govern the place.  By: Elio Henríquez San…

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Dispute over the past and internal colonialism

By: Luis Hernández Navarro In his Memories, published for the first time in 1955, Jaime Torres Bodet bemoans how the historical interpretation of the conquest and the colonial past of México have painfully and pointlessly divided the country. Secretary of…

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The “ya basta” of the indigenous Otomí community

By: Magdalena Gómez A movement is underway that did not begin on October 12 with the decision of the Otomí community of indigenous Otomí residents in Mexico City to take over the central offices of the National Institute of Indigenous…

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Pedro Uc, language and territory

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Pedro Uc Be is by far one of the most important indigenous intellectuals in Mexico. Maya born in the community of Buctzotz, Yucatan, 90 kilometers northeast of Merida, he is, simultaneously, poet, educator, theologian, translator of…

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Nation and national State

By: Gilberto López Y Rivas Discerning about nation and national State and their transformations with neoliberal capitalist globalization necessitates a defining approach to these multi-meaning concepts of the social sciences. The nation would be that stable human community, historically emerged…

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