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New! Grietas: A Journal of Zapatista Thought & Horizon

Introducing Grietas: A Journal of Zapatista Thought and Horizons, a new journal published by the Sexta Grietas Del Norte Network The first issue of Grietas journal, titled “Autonomy From Below and to the Left in the U.S.,”  takes up the topic of autonomy in…

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Land & Freedom 2021! Solidarity with the Zapatistas’ Tour for Life

By Michael Löwy. Posted in Camino al andar. July 4, 2021. We are many in this old European continent saluting the Tour for Life of the Zapatista comrades. Due to its global, planetary nature, the Zapatista tour is a historic…

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VOLANTEM EST ALIO GRADIENDI MODE (What are we waiting for?)

Any day, any month of any year. Droughts Floods Earthquakes Eruptions Contamination. Current and future pandemics. Assassinations of leaders of native peoples, defenders of human rights, guardians of the Earth. Gender violence escalating to genocide against women -the stupid suicide…

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Break the Siege, Fight for Life

For a new internationalism of the oppressed. By Arturo Anguiano, published by Camino al andar The rebels of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) have once again broken through the siege, by setting off on a trip around the…

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7 Zapatistas will set sail on May 3 for Europe

By Desinformémonos México City | Desinformémonos Marijose, a 39-year-old Tojolabal, will be the first Zapatista to disembark in Europe next June. The EZLN presents her as a she-him-they delegate, that is, the first trans Zapatista to be an official part…

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Tour for life and hope

By: Raúl Zibechi In all corners of the world those above are perpetrating a silent genocide of Native and Black peoples, of campesino and poor people, of the city and the countryside. The Turkish Army invades northern Syria, devastating Kurdish…

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