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We Don’t Need Permission to Fight for Life, Zapatista Women Join the March 9 National Strike

 ARMY, MEXICO March 1, 2020 To: Women who struggle in Mexico and around the world From: The Zapatista indigenous women of the EZLN Compañera and sister: We greet you in the name of all of the Zapatista…

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Zapatista Women close Women’s Gathering with a proposal

Words of the Zapatista Women at the Closing of the Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle ZAPATISTA NATIONAL LIBERATION ARMY 
MEXICO December 29, 2019 Compañeras and sisters: We want to share a few words with you as we close…

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Words of the Zapatista Women at the Opening of the Second International Women’s Gathering

[Save the Date: The Chiapas Support Committee is hosting a Dinner and Report Back from the Women’s Gathering on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at the Omni Commons. 5-7pm] ZAPATISTA NATIONAL LIBERATION
 ARMY MEXICO December 27, 2019 Compañeras and sisters: Welcome…

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Zapatista women’s gathering begins

ZAPATISTA WOMEN CALL TO CONQUER THE RIGHT TO LIFE IN FRONT OF 5,000 FEMINISTS  From the correspondents Ejido Morelia, Altamirano, Chiapas “The right to life and all the rights we deserve and need, will not be given to us by…

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Feminists and original peoples orient our steps

By: Raúl Zibechi The streets of Santiago, Chile remain occupied by thousands of people who don’t abandon them, despite the repression and not because of the pact signed between the government and the opposition to demobilize the protests. We’re talking…

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