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Category: Racism

Narco-governments and organized crime add to the repression in Chiapas

Above: Presentation of the El Machete Self-Defense group, in Pantelhó, Chiapas, last July – Photo: Image taken from YouTube This is the second of two articles from Hermann Bellinghausen that gives an overview and analysis of the current situation in…

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EZLN: The Extemporaneous and a National Initiative

  ZAPATISTA SIXTH COMMISSION Mexico July 2021 To the Adherents to The Declaration for Life: To the Europe of Below and to the: To the National and International Sixth: To the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Government Council: To the Networks in…

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VOLANTEM EST ALIO GRADIENDI MODE (What are we waiting for?)

Any day, any month of any year. Droughts Floods Earthquakes Eruptions Contamination. Current and future pandemics. Assassinations of leaders of native peoples, defenders of human rights, guardians of the Earth. Gender violence escalating to genocide against women -the stupid suicide…

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Forced disappearance and genocide of the poor

By: Aída Hernández Castillo The term “genocide of the poor” is a concept that don José Dolores Suazo, of the Committee of Disappeared Migrants from the Center of Honduras (Cofamicenh), has been proposing in various public spaces, expanding the use…

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Break the Siege, Fight for Life

For a new internationalism of the oppressed. By Arturo Anguiano, published by Camino al andar The rebels of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) have once again broken through the siege, by setting off on a trip around the…

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Mexican government denies passports to EZLN delegates; Galeano accuses racism

From the Editors of La Jornada The Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE, its initials in Spanish) has denied a passport to several indigenous people who were designated as delegates of the Ejército Zapatista National Liberation Army in a commission that will…

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