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Massacre in Peru: Democracy at war against the peoples

By: Raúl Zibechi “In the Andes massacres follow one anotherwith the rhythm of the seasons.There are four in the world; in the Andes there are five:spring, summer, autumn, winter and massacre.”Manuel Scorza On January 4, a regional strike began in…

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Peru, the language of the street

By: Luis Hernández Navarro The street is talking in Peru. And it does so loudly. From the farthest and deepest corners of its geography to the megacity of Lima, it cries out for the closure of Congress, for new general…

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The Peruvian oligarchy overthrew President Castillo

By: Manolo De Los Santos* June 6, 2021 was a date that shocked many in the Peruvian oligarchy. Pedro Castillo Terrones, a rural teacher who had never been elected to public office, won the second round of the presidential election…

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