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The EZLN Breaks the Racist Siege for Now

By: Magdalena Gómez The 177-member Zapatista airborne company, called The Extemporaneous (La Extemporánea), took off from Mexico City yesterday bound for Vienna, Austria, with a stopover in Madrid. It was not easy to overcome the structural racism related to the…

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177 delegates of the Zapatista National Liberation Army left for Vienna, Austria

By: Nestor Jiménez Before the departure of the “Zapatista Airborne Company” called La Extemporánea, the Mexico City International Airport stopped its activities for a moment. Travelers and workers attentively observed the contingent with whom some would share a flight moments…

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Zapatista Squadron 421 arrived in Mexico City

By: Fernando Camacho Servín Amid great expectation and a chaotic welcome, members of the Squadron 421 Zapatista delegation arrived last night at Terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport, after visiting some thirty European countries, where they exposed their…

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The Zapatista delegation La Extemporánea arrives in the capital of the country

By: Fernando Camacho and Elio Henríquez Members of La Extemporánea, the delegation of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN) that will depart on Monday for Europe to meet with diverse social collectives on that continent,…

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EZLN: Itinerary of La Extemporánea

September 10, 2021: The airborne delegation [La Extemporánea] will depart the Jacinto Canek caracol early in the morning. September 10, 2021: At an unspecified time after 18:00hrs, La Extemporánea [i] will arrive at the location on Carmona y Valle Street…

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Diverse collectives invite to prepare the reception of The Extemporaneous, the Zapatista airborne company

  We’re going to prepare the reception for La Extemporánea (The Extemporaneous), the Zapatista airborne company! We’re all going to prepare the reception of The Extemporaneous (La Extemporánea), the Zapatista airborne company. There will be music, dance, the creation of…

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