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And it trembled repeatedly…!

By: Gilberto López y Rivas With the date of October 14 of this year, the National Indigenous Congress [CNI] and the Zapatista National Liberation Army [EZLN] made public an historic document with the prophetic title of: “May the earth tremble…

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The second level of the Escuelita Zapatista

By: Gilberto López y Rivas/I On October 3 the time period ended for sending in the six questions that each second level student of the Escuelita Zapatista (Little School) must send in order to be evaluated on their performance and,…

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Obstacles to Indigenous Autonomy

OBSTACLES TO THE AUTONOMIES OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES By: Gilberto López y Rivas The autonomic processes that the indigenous peoples champion confront arduous obstacles and challenges, essential among them, the neoliberal capitalist State’s lack of will to open spaces for…

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