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Prohibited thinking?

By: Gilberto López y Rivas The seedbeds-roundtables organized by the EZLN, like the one that takes place this week in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, constitute spaces open to critical thinking about what occurs in Mexico, –and in the…

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Counter-tendencies of the US decline

By: Raúl Zibechi In periods of global systemic chaos it’s easy to confuse reality with desires, even more so when there are authentic facts that give rise to thinking that what we desired for a long time seems to be…

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Tillerson, Militarization and oil I

[Admin: This is the first of two articles (so far) about US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Latin American tour.] By: Carlos Fazio In the context of a geopolitical dispute with extra-continental capitalist competitors (China, Russia, the European Union) that…

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Patriarchy, Mother Earth and feminisms

By: Raúl Zibechi Caring for the environment, or Mother Earth, is a women’s thing, according to a recent study in the Scientific American, a magazine published at the end of December, which points out that “women have surpassed men in…

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The Indigenous confront an economic model based on dispossession

By: Fernando Camacho Servín The original peoples in Mexico and in other parts of the world confront an economic model based on the forced dispossession and occupation of their territories, with the objective that their natural resources will be used…

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From the end of the cycle to the consolidation of the right

By: Raúl Zibechi Political cycles are not capricious. We’re experiencing a period of the growth of the right, especially in South America. The progressive cycle ended although governments of that type continue to exist, but they will no longer be…

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