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Venezuela: gunboat democracy

By: Luis Hernández Navarro It is false that there are two presidents in Venezuela. There is only one and his name is Nicolas Maduro. On May 20, 2018 he was elected in free, transparent and trustworthy elections, in which 16…

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The Marshall Plan and border imperialism

By: Carlos Fazio President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has outlined a policy of prudence and non-confrontation with the United States, attached to the doctrine and foreign policy principles established in Article 89 of the [Mexican] Constitution. In that sense, and…

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The US collected data on 30,000 immigrants in Mexico

IN 13 MONTHS, THE US COLLECTED DATA ON 30,000 IMMIGRANTS IN MEXICO By: Fabiola Martínez, Andrea Becerril, Georgina Saldierna and Jaime Hernández México maintains an agreement with the United States derived from the Merida Plan [1] that has permitted collecting…

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A mirror of the dispossession before the numbers dance

  By: Magdalena Gómez The fifth government Report offered no surprises, except that it grouped five years together rather than one, as appropriate. No doubt the numbers were important and, faced with that, I chose to look for the indigenous…

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Mexico and Venezuela: submission and interference

A LA JORNADA EDITORIAL In a joint communiqué, the secretaries of Treasury and Public Credit (SHCP) and of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported yesterday, with respect to the sanctions announced by the Donald Trump administration against Venezuela that the Mexican government…

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