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The Shipwreck of the Mexican State

THE SHIPWRECK OF THE MEXICAN STATE  By Rafael Barajas and Pedro Miguel Without drug money, the Mexican economy would collapse, which is why politics, economics and organized crime are entwined at the highest levels. That reality, underlying the students’ massacre,…

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Zapatista News Summary for July 2014

 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY for JULY 2014 In Chiapas 1. Sup Moisés Reports On Fundraising to Rebuild the Autonomous School and Clinic in La Realidad – In a July 18 communiqué entitled Almost 5 Times, Subcomandante Moisés reports that fundraising for…

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Mireles: “I am a political prisoner”

“I AM A POLITICAL PRISONER,” MIRELES VALVERDE MAINTAINS By: Sanjuana Martínez, Special to La Jornada Doctor José Manuel Mireles Valverde laughs, cries, gets emotional when his lawyer Talía Vázquez Alatorre tells him about the shows of support that he is…

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Javier Sicilia on Mireles’ Arrest

THE CAPTURE OF MIRELES SHOWS THAT THE GOVERNMENT SEEKS CONTROL OF THE NARCO: SICILIA [The disaster that Michoacán experiences is because the government has not even investigated punishing the authorities that are in collusion with organized crime, the poet Javier…

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Zapatista News Summary for June 2014

 JUNE 2014 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY  In Chiapas 1. Sup Moisés Describes What Is Needed to Rebuild the Autonomous School and Clinic in La Realidad – In this communiqué Subcomandante Moisés describes in detail the materials and equipment necessary to rebuild…

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Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles and 69 more arrested

[On Friday, June 27 around 5:30 PM, members of the federal police and the Mexican Army arrested Doctor José Manuel Mireles and 69 other autodefensas that were accompanying him, in the administrative district (tenencia) of La Mira. Around 30 federal…

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