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Citizen groups propose new Constitution in Mexico

Proposal for a popular citizens convention to re-found Mexico By: Agencies In Mexico City, Bishop Raúl Vera López, activists, clergy, members of campesino, union and social organizations and survivors of the violence that envelops Mexico presented the initiative of a Popular Citizens…

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Javier Sicilia on Mireles’ Arrest

THE CAPTURE OF MIRELES SHOWS THAT THE GOVERNMENT SEEKS CONTROL OF THE NARCO: SICILIA [The disaster that Michoacán experiences is because the government has not even investigated punishing the authorities that are in collusion with organized crime, the poet Javier…

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Resumen de Noticias sobre los Zapatistas – Agosto del 2012

AGOSTO DEL 2012 RESUMEN DE NOTICIAS SOBRE LOS ZAPATISTAS En Chiapas 1. Recopilación de firmas para los zapatistas en San Marcos Aviles y Francisco Santiz Lopez. ¡Favor de añadir su firma! – Siguen las amenazas de violencia y desalojo contra…

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Sicilia to Meet with Legislature; plans to head for Chiapas in September

Sicilia: In Spite of the Betrayals, We Will Renew Dialogue with the Legislature on Wednesday  Para leer en español: * “The lords of death must ask the nation and the victims for pardon,” points out the poet By: Víctor Ballinas…

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