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Bishop Vera re: Massacre of Ayotzinapa Students

Raul Vera: Ayotzinapa / Acteal, “a message from the state to intimidate the insurgents” Massacring social strugglers, “a habit” in Mexico: Raúl Vera By fabbia @ desinformemonos Mexico. “I don’t believe it is organized crime; it’s something else. This is a message…

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Zapatista News Summary for July 2014

 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY for JULY 2014 In Chiapas 1. Sup Moisés Reports On Fundraising to Rebuild the Autonomous School and Clinic in La Realidad – In a July 18 communiqué entitled Almost 5 Times, Subcomandante Moisés reports that fundraising for…

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Chiapas March for Alberto Patishtán’s Freedom

Tzotzils and Teachers March for Patishtán’s Freedom   ** They ask the magistrates “not to continue staining his dignity” ** “Justicia in México is in reverse,” Las Abejas complaint By: Hermann Bellinghausen, Envoy Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, April 19, 2013 In…

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Zapatista News Summary – February 2012

FEBRUARY 2012 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY In Chiapas 1. Seven More Released in Acteal Case – On February 1, 7 of the men convicted of murder and other crimes in the Acteal Massacre case were released from prison after serving 14…

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Las Abejas Remember the Acteal Massacre

Neither Calderón or Sabines Want to Do Justice for the Massacre in Acteal, Las Abejas (The Bees) Point Out ** That’s the only path that will bring us peace, warns Bishop Raúl Vera during a mass ** 14 years after…

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