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Women victims of abuse in Atenco narrate police atrocities

By: Emir Olivares Alonso The women that denounced the Mexican State before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Coridh) for the sexual torture of which they were victims during the police operation in San Salvador Atenco [1] the early morning…

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Atenco women’s case will finally reach the Court

By: José Antonio Román The Mexican government not only lied when it asserted that it was the one that proposed taking the case of the Atenco women to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Coridh, its initials in Spanish), but…

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Zapatista News Summary for June 2014

 JUNE 2014 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY  In Chiapas 1. Sup Moisés Describes What Is Needed to Rebuild the Autonomous School and Clinic in La Realidad – In this communiqué Subcomandante Moisés describes in detail the materials and equipment necessary to rebuild…

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San Salvador Atenco, in struggle again!

ATENCO, IN STRUGGLE AGAIN  By: Blanche Petrich Three hours was enough for an ejido assembly in San Salvador Atenco, last Sunday, June 1, to open the door to the sale and purchase of the lands that in the last 15…

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