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Indigenous activist murdered in Cherán, Michoacán

ORGANIZED CRIME “BEHIND THE MURDER” OF CHERÁN ACTIVIST By: Ernesto Martínez Elorriaga Cherán, Michoacán Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, 32, “was very active in the community rounds, in the work of the forest guards and in the cultural workshops. And finally, she…

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Joint CNI-EZLN Comunicado denouncing repression in Arantepacua, Michoacán

JOINT COMUNICADO of the CNI and the EZLN DENOUNCING REPRESSION AGAINST the PURÉPECHA COMMUNITY of ARANTEPACUA, MICHOACÁN To the Purépecha Community of Arantepacua, Michoacán: To the alternative communications media: To the peoples of the world: The National Indigenous Congress, the…

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Zibechi: Communities stand up for life

By: Raúl Zibechi Dozens of communities in resistance from 17 states of Mexico started a long campaign that seeks to coordinate struggles, denounce extractivism and offer a space for mutual aid among those that are being attacked by capital and…

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Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles and 69 more arrested

[On Friday, June 27 around 5:30 PM, members of the federal police and the Mexican Army arrested Doctor José Manuel Mireles and 69 other autodefensas that were accompanying him, in the administrative district (tenencia) of La Mira. Around 30 federal…

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Mexico’s Armed Self-Defense Forces Surge

MEXICO’S ARMED SELF-DEFENSE FORCES SURGE Questions, contradictory narratives and, above all, calls for calm energize the daily coverage and debate over the armed self-defense phenomenon sweeping parts of Mexico. For their part, corporate media outlets like Televisa play up the…

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