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Opposition to Chiapas Super-Highway

CHIAPAS  INDIANS IN DEFENSE OF LIFE AND TERRITORY By: Gaspar Morquecho  Laguna Suyul, San Juan Chamula, September 7, 2014 A little more than 2,000 people, between boys and girls, men, women and elderly people met in Laguna Suyul, convoked by…

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Mireles: “I am a political prisoner”

“I AM A POLITICAL PRISONER,” MIRELES VALVERDE MAINTAINS By: Sanjuana Martínez, Special to La Jornada Doctor José Manuel Mireles Valverde laughs, cries, gets emotional when his lawyer Talía Vázquez Alatorre tells him about the shows of support that he is…

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Guerrero: the siege against the CRAC-PC

GUERRERO: THE SIEGE AGAINST THE CRAC-PC By: Luis Hernández Navarro Relentlessly pursued by the government and internally divided, the community police and the systems of community justice of Guerrero are living through a grave crisis. Arbitrary arrests of its leaders…

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Zapatista News Summary for April 2014

 APRIL 2014 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY In Chiapas 1. Zapatistas Release 2nd Issue of Rebeldía Zapatista – The Zapatistas have released another edition of the Rebeldía Zapatista magazine. The Zapatista bases that participated in the Escuelitas give their impressions of the…

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Raúl Zibechi on Community Self-Defense

DEFENDING OURSELVES COLLECTIVELY AND IN THE COMMUNITY By: Raúl Zibechi The world situation is very grave. When the flames of civil war in Syria have still not been put out, the crisis underway in Ukraine threatens to elevate the tension,…

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Paramilitarism, Armed Groups and Community Self Defense

[As this article explains, violence from organized crime and the Drug War in Mexico is rampant in a number of Mexican states. Some indigenous communities have policed themselves for some time, but more and more communities are now taking up…

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