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Altamirano, Chiapas: The remaining 36 kidnapped indigenous men are free

The kidnapping saga has come to an end in Altamirano, but what’s ahead for this important indigenous municipality in which the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia is located? On May 18, 2022, 35 of the 36 indigenous men kidnapped and held…

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Altamirano, Chiapas: Mass kidnappings of opponents of the political machine

The 10 drivers released on March 22 provided this photo of themselves to El Heraldo. By: Isaín Mandujano In the municipality of Altamirano a paramilitary group linked to the Pinto Kanter family, the PVEM and the Alliance of Social Organizations…

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They release 9 of the 53 kidnapped in Altamirano  

Translation of the banner: August 14 Social Movement, composed of the union of barrios and ejidos, as well as social organizations and work groups say Enough of the kidnappings! Violence continues to escalate and may have reached a critical juncture…

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The EZLN marches against the war in Ukraine; residents of Altamirano join in and add their demands

By: Ángeles Mariscal Altamirano, Chiapas Thousands of members of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN, Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional) demonstrated in six Chiapas cities, to protest against wars, and to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who…

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Violence returns to Altamirano, 27 kidnapped

Above: Smoke from Altamirano’s municipal palace last September After municipal offices were set on fire and ransacked, taxis were burned and people were kidnapped and held as hostages in the struggle to oust a former finquero family from municipal power…

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A Tseltal woman is the new mayor of Altamirano, Chiapas

The new mayor’s unlikely story began when a group of Altamirano residents started operating  mototaxis without permits. Drivers of the “pirate” mototaxis clashed with drivers of traditional taxis with permits; one group would set the other group’s taxi on fire…

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