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ARIC-ID and the Lacandóns paralyze Ocosingo

ARIC-ID AND THE LACANDÓNS “PARALYZE” OCOSINGO During the month of May, much attention was focused on Chiapas because of the La Realidad paramilitary attack in which Compañero Galeano was brutally murdered, as well as the subsequent homage to Galeano, the…

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November 2011 Zapatista News Summary

NOVEMBER 2011 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY  Thank You for Supporting Our Annual Zapatista Celebration _____________________ In Chiapas 1. EZLN Celebrates 28th Anniversary – On November 17, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) celebrated 28 years since its founding on that date in…

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History and Time Prove EZLN Right

History and Time Prove EZLN Right  By: Jaime Martínez Veloz Para leer en español: On February 16, 1996, the federal government and the EZLN signed the agreement on matters of indigenous rights and culture. It was the first theme on…

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