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The Mountain and the night sky of the Lacandón

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Since the beginning of the insurrection calendar, the image of the ship has been a central part of the metaphors of the Zapatista narrative. It is a curious irony that a political-military force territorially located in…

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Xi’ Nich distances itself from conflict in the Lacandón Community Zone

XI’ NICH DISTANCES ITSELF FROM THE CONFLICT IN THE LACANDÓN COMMUNITY ZONE ** It classifies it as a violent organization and differs with its methods ** Its leader Gabriel Montoya, is responsible for the massacre in Viejo Velasco, it points…

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ARIC-ID and the Lacandóns paralyze Ocosingo

ARIC-ID AND THE LACANDÓNS “PARALYZE” OCOSINGO During the month of May, much attention was focused on Chiapas because of the La Realidad paramilitary attack in which Compañero Galeano was brutally murdered, as well as the subsequent homage to Galeano, the…

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