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Emergency Appeal: Stand with the Indigenous & Zapatista Communities to Stop the Paramilitary Violence

The Chiapas Support Committee is inviting you to join us in taking urgent action NOW to stand in solidarity with Indigenous and Zapatista communities in Chiapas. The Indigenous communities are being attacked by paramilitary forces in collusion with and support…

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Indigenous Peoples, Narco-Violence and Paramilitarism

 Above: Tomás Rojo, Yaqui defender of territory and the rights of his peoples. By R. Aida Hernández Castillo In the last two months, Mexico’s indigenous movement has lost two of its most lucid and committed defenders of territory and of people’s…

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The February betrayal, a sign of the war that continues

By: Pedro Faro Navarro* It wasn’t the EZLN that broke the dialogue and re-started the war. It was the government. It wasn’t the EZLN that feigned political well while it prepared the military and treacherous blow. It was the government….

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The Mexican government apologizes to indigenous women raped by the Army in 1994

 “THEY PUNISHED US TO PUNISH ZAPATISMO” By: Angeles Mariscal The soldiers recognized them, when on June 4, 1994, Ana, Beatriz and Cecilia González Pérez and their mother Delia Pérez attempted to cross the checkpoint that the Mexican Army put up…

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