New! Grietas: A Journal of Zapatista Thought & Horizon

Introducing Grietas: A Journal of Zapatista Thought and Horizons, a new journal published by the Sexta Grietas Del Norte Network

The first issue of Grietas journal, titled “Autonomy From Below and to the Left in the U.S.,”  takes up the topic of autonomy in the United States from a variety of perspectives. Contributors, all active participants in local and regional movements for justice and in solidarity with Indigenous land struggles, reflect on past and current struggles for liberation, while offering glimpses of possible autonomous futures inspired by Zapatismo and the seven principles of leading by obeying.

The journal includes report backs of projects of the Zapatistas and the National Indigenous Congress of Mexico that Grietas network members have accompanied, as well as insights on Zapatista praxis, including education, women’s rights, and their journey across rebellious Europe in the latter half of 2021.

For more details, info and to order a copy, visit the Sexta Grietas’ website :

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