CANCELLED, due to COVID concerns. CompArte: Art, Culture, Music, Poetry, Zapatismo August 21, Oakland

The Chiapas Support Committee in partnership with the Peralta Hacienda presents:
CompArte 2021 The Emiliano Zapata Community Festival  “Travies@s por la Vida” 
In support of the Zapatistas and “La travesía por la vida” | Sat. August 21, 2021, 12:00-4:00pm in Oakland.

The Chiapas Support Committee invites you to the sixth annual CompArte Zapatista, The Emiliano Zapata Community Festival, being held on Saturday, August 21, 2021, 12:00-4:00 p.m. at the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, 2465 34th Avenue, Oakland, California.

Haz click aquí para leer esta invitación a CompArte en ESPAÑOL.

Join us for an afternoon of Zapatismo on August 21st at the Peralta Hacienda! We will come together with revolutionary spirits to share art with each other, to dance with each other, to share stories with each other and to listen to each other’s heart[beat] as we celebrate our collective struggles for social justice.

We will gather holding the rebel spirit in our hearts, and in our togetherness we will dance in support of the Zapatista communities and their ongoing struggles for autonomy and self-determination. 

We will also come together to express our support for the historic journey the Zapatistas have embarked on, known as “ La travesía por la vida” where the Escuadrón 421 along with other Zapatistas are journeying to the European continent. However, unlike the Spanish who 500 years ago stood at the door of Tenochtitlan and burned it down for the love of gold, the Zapatistas will meet with the European people to share stories, learn from their struggles, and to stand at the door of a capitalist empire and conquer it, not for the love of gold but for the love for life and humanity.

We will come together to show our solidarity as the Zapatistas let the world know that we were never conquered, that indigenous knowledge is alive and thriving, and that together with our shared struggles we will build a better world. 

Traviesos por la vida | Mischief for Life

The name of this year’s Comparte: The Emiliano Zapata Festival will be “Travies@s por la Vida.” As the Zapatistas traverse the world, on their “Travesia por la Vida”, we, here in Oakland will participate in our travesuras por la vida, or for the english speakers, we will participate in Mischief for Life!

We will participate in good mischief! Artistic mischief! Revolutionary mischief! Zapatista mischief! Mischief in solidarity with the Zapatista takeover of Europe! Our travesuras will take the form of artistic interventions, of dance, of poetry, of painting, of listening, of sharing art, and of continuing the struggle. 

Join us at the Peralta Hacienda as we transform our own relic of colonialism here in Huichin in unceded territory of the Ohlone peoples and collectively create a space where we can share our travesuras and share our “travies@” mischievous dreams of a different and more just world, with each other. 

Comparte 2021: Traviesos por la Vida will be a space for community, for families, for all of us in the struggle to come together and celebrate our movements and the spirit of Zapatismo. Join us for an afternoon of revolutionary zapatista art, music, and dance! 

We will have vendors selling art, food and other crafts. We will listen to music, poetry and  speakers. We will create art installations and participate in other travesuras! Join us! 

Invitation to Artists:

We invite artists of all kinds to join us in sharing your art. We are asking artists to create and submit art that speaks to community, activism, indigenous struggles, zapatismo, anti racists and social justice, or any kind of art that celebrates life or better yet, that supports our mischief for life! 

We invite you to reach out to us at and share some artwork with us and we will get back to you with more information on how to participate on the day of Comparte on August 21st. 

Additionally, you are invited to share your art work and art-activism through our CompArte Zapatista instagram. Email us to and we will post your poem, screenprint, song, painting, performance, photograph, anything on our IG account. Tag us @compartezapatista in your IG posts and use the hashtags: #comparte #zapatistart 

Visit CompArte Zapatista instagram

Comparte/comrades share art. 

Use the hashtags: #comparte #zapatistart

For more information, visit the blog of the Chiapas Support Committee:

Chiapas Support Committee Social Media


Website: www.chiapas-support


Instagram: CompArte Zapatista instagram

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