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Venezuela, the puppet and the puppeteer

By: Luis Hernández Navarro The scenography One word sums up the attempted State coup against President Nicolas Maduro on this April 30: failure. Boasting, the Venezuelan opposition gambled on overthrowing the president. It lost. After some skirmishes, their call quickly…

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Tillerson, Militarization and oil I

[Admin: This is the first of two articles (so far) about US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Latin American tour.] By: Carlos Fazio In the context of a geopolitical dispute with extra-continental capitalist competitors (China, Russia, the European Union) that…

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Venezuela in black and white

By: Luis Hernández Navarro Venezuela is accused of not being a democracy. They say that its president since 2013, Nicolás Maduro, is a dictator. They assert that his predecessor, Hugo Chávez, was a tyrant. In black and white, how true…

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Mexico and Venezuela: submission and interference

A LA JORNADA EDITORIAL In a joint communiqué, the secretaries of Treasury and Public Credit (SHCP) and of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported yesterday, with respect to the sanctions announced by the Donald Trump administration against Venezuela that the Mexican government…

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Raúl Zibechi: 2015, a critical and turbulent year

2015, A CRITICAL AND TURBULENT YEAR By: Raúl Zibechi 2014 ends with Barack Obama’s decision to re-establish relations with Cuba, after a half century of the blockade and attacks on the island’s sovereignty. The joy that this news stirs up…

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Venezuela: Cubs of Reaction

Luis Hernández Navarro speaks out on Venezuela Venezuela: cubs of reaction By: Luis Hernández Navarro Lorent Saleh is a 25-year old Venezuelan youth, with flaming language, who studied foreign trade. He is one of the visible heads of the coalition…

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