Chiapas Support Committee


Feminists and original peoples orient our steps

By: Raúl Zibechi The streets of Santiago, Chile remain occupied by thousands of people who don’t abandon them, despite the repression and not because of the pact signed between the government and the opposition to demobilize the protests. We’re talking…

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The insurrection in Chile and Mapuche dispossession

By: Edgars Martínez* The so-called paradise of neoliberalism in Latin America burns in flames since 10 days ago. These are times of convulsions on a global scale and the ones causing such symptoms are the oppressed of Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras,…

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EZLN, CNI-CIG Communiqué to the Mapuche people

Communiqué: To the Mapuche people To the Chilean people To the original peoples of America To the International Sixth Brothers and sisters of the dignified Mapuche people, The pueblos, nations, tribes and neighborhoods that make up the National Indigenous Congress…

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CNI-EZLN pronouncement on Mapuche political prisoner

JOINT PRONOUNCEMENT FROM THE CNI AND THE EZLN FOR THE FREEDOM OF OUR MAPUCHE SISTER MACHI FRANCISCA LINCOLAO HUIRCAPAN   To the Mapuche People: To the Chilean People: To the International Sixth: To the Media: We peoples, nations, and tribes of…

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The regional scenario after Dilma

By: Raúl Zibechi The removal of Dilma Rousseff by the most conservative Senate since 1964 (the year of the State coup against João Goulart) closes the progressive cycle that started with the elevation of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on…

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