EZLN, CNI-CIG Communiqué to the Mapuche people

Funeral for the young Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca, murdered by the Chilean military’s Jungle Command. Photo: Desinformémonos.


To the Mapuche people

To the Chilean people

To the original peoples of America

To the International Sixth

Brothers and sisters of the dignified Mapuche people,

The pueblos, nations, tribes and neighborhoods that make up the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), the Indigenous Government Council (CIG) and the EZLN jointly embrace with solidarity the family of the Mapuche compañero Camilo Catrillanca, who was murdered during an operation of a tactical group of Chilean Carabineers that occurred on November 14, 2018 in the community of Temucuicui in the Araucanía region. We are familiar with the century-long struggle that the dignified Mapuche people have made to defend their forests and rivers, as well as the repression and assemblies that the police forces of the bad Chilean government effectuate on Mapuche territories to end the defense of life.

The peoples, nations, tribes and neighborhoods of the CNI, the CIG and the EZLN condemn the cowardly attack of the bad Chilean government and its Chilean police forces. We demand that the repression and criminalization against the Mapuche peoples that defend their territories cease. We also demand that the death of the Mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca not go unpunished. We reiterate our respect and solidarity to the Mapuche people. We salute your dignified struggle for the defense of life and territory.



November 2018

For the integral reconstitution of our peoples!

Never more a Mexico without us!

National Indigenous Congress – Indigenous Government Council

Zapatista National Liberation Army

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2018/11/24/comunicado-al-pueblo-mapuche/





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