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Violence against the Indigenous Peoples

By: Francisco López Bárcenas Popular predictionsat the beginning of the year announced that January would bring storms, but few imagined the magnitude of them. The violence against indigenous peoples in this first month of 2023 has acquired such dimension and…

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The Death of the Bees and the Maya Train

By Silvia Ribeiro* The Goldman Prize, considered to be the environmental Nobel Prize, was awarded this year to Leydy Pech Marín, community member and beekeeper from Hopelchén, Campeche. The award highlights her participation in the opposition to the sowing of…

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Indigenous collectives win definitive suspension of Maya Train work

By: Angélica Enciso L. The first district court of Campeche granted a definitive suspension regarding the construction of new work on Section 2 of the Maya Train, from Escárcega to Calkini, [1] in Campeche, to the region’s indigenous communities and…

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The so-called Maya Train and conflict engineering

By: Magdalena Gómez February 20 completed one year of the unjust and not investigated murder of Samir Flores. This crime will mark the current government although it seems not to realize it. Numerous peoples are carrying out actions throughout the…

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The temporary suspension against the Maya Train

By: Luis Hernández Navarro The screech of emergency brakes on the Maya Train turned on alarm lights for investors. Campeche communities pressed the legal button to stop the government locomotive. And the Judicial Power of the Federation granted them a…

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The Maya Train could put biosphere reserves at risk

By: Angélica Enciso L. and Fernando Camacho Calakmul, in Campeche, because of its continuous extension of vegetation, is the second most important rainforest reserve of tropical America, after the Amazon. The Sian Ka’an area, in Quintana Roo, shelters a system…

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