COMPaRTE: Zapatista Art in Oakland | Oct-Dec 2017


The Chiapas Support Committee with the Eastside Arts Alliance are hosting the “CompArte: Zapatista Art in Oakland” exhibition, October through December 2017, at the Asian Resource Center, in Oakland’s Chinatown.

For more info:
Eastside Arts Alliance:
Chiapas Support Committee

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, starting at 6:00 pm with music, poetry & the artists.
At the Asian Resource Center, 317 9th Street, Oakland, CA 94607.

Featuring artists:
Daniel Camacho
Jhovany Rodríguez
Andrés Cisneros
Rafael Sanhueso
Asaro Collective from Oaxaca

CompArte: Zapatista Art in Oakland.

El arte muestra la posibilidad de otro mundo.—EZLN
Art demonstrates the possibility of another world.—Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)

Painters that create works of art imbued with symbols and images of justice, exposing capitalist exploitation and its inhumanity, share practical visions where our communities live free of oppression, want, poverty, pollution, racism and hierarchical suffocation on canvass. Social justice art shows us how to imagine the revolution. This is the call of CompArte.

CompArte is a play on the Spanish words compartir (to share) and arte (art), “CompArte: Zapatista Art in Oakland” is a show of sharing art to help us dream a different world where we all fit and to show solidarity with indigenous communities in Mexico and everywhere else.

The Eastside Arts Alliance Cultural Center presents the CompArte artwork, curating this diverse and political powerful work to Oakland communities.

Compartir ZapatistArte

EZLN Comandante David dijo: “Los artes y culturas son parte fundamentales de la lucha contra el capital destructor de la vida y de la humanidad. Sólo con la unidad y la organización de los pobres y de los rebeldes del mundo, podemos destruir ese sistema de muerte.”

EZLN Comandante Davíd said: “The arts and culture are fundamental elements of the struggle against capital destroyer of life and humanity. Only with the unity and organization of the poor and the rebels of the world can we destroy this system of death.”

CompArte is an international festival, first convened by Zapatista communities in 2016, to celebrate art and culture as a catalyst for social change, in rebellion against capitalism and all its walls of exploitation and oppression: racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, english-only mentalities.

Zapatista supporters created CompArte Festivals all over Mexico and in other countries in 2016 and again in during the summer of 2017.

The Zapatistas in Mexico convened the second “CompArte: Against Capitalism and its Walls, All the Arts” and invited solidarity and community groups across the world to join them in bringing together art, music and poetry to celebrate the struggle against capitalism and lift up art and culture as central to organizing the fight against capitalism and building movements for deep justice, community and for humanity.

Responding to the call, the Oakland-based Chiapas Support Committee ( organized the second annual CompArte poetry, music & art festival in Oakland on August 12, 2017 bringing together a more than a dozen painters, poets, artists and musicians to recognize and celebrate culture and art in the movements for justice and its power to imagine a different world where there is room for everyone.


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