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For Life: The Departure of “La Extemporánea” to Europe

Zapatista Sixth Commission 
Mexico August 30, 2021. To the Europe below and to the left: To the Sixth in Mexico and abroad: To the organizations, groups, and collectives that seek truth and justice for the victims of forced disappearance: Sisters,…

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500 years, the uses of history

Above: A member of Zapatista Squadron 421 at the 500 Years celebration in Madrid, Spain. By: Luis Hernández Navarro The Plaza de Colón, in Madrid, is the emblematic heart of the Spanish ultra-right and its fantasies of recovering its lost…

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Only 500 years later

Words of the Zapatista Peoples August 13, 2021. Sisters, brothers, hermanoas: Compañeros, compañeras, compañeroas: The Zapatista communities speak through our voices. First, we would like to express our thanks. Thank you for having invited us. Thank you for having welcomed…

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Zapatistas in Madrid: “500 years later, the communities come to listen to you”

Madrid, Spain “Tell us your story, your rage, your rebellion. We come to listen and learn from your story. In each resistance there is a cry for life. 500 years later, the communities come to listen to you,” was the…

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The EZLN mission docks in Galicia, which it renames “Insubordinate Land”

By: Armando G. Tejeda Madrid At 6:10 in the afternoon –European time–, Squadron 421, made up of the Zapatista delegation that sailed the seas to travel from Mexico to this continent, set foot on terra firma in Vigo, one of…

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Part Six: A Mountain on the High Seas

Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee
General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army MEXICO October 5, 2020 To the National Indigenous Congress—Indigenous Governing Council: To the Sixth in Mexico and abroad: To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion: To…

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