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Gustavo Castro: Foreign Relations delayed his return

GUSTAVO CASTRO REPROACHES THE SRE’S DELAY IN ATTAINING HIS RETURN FROM HONDURAS By: José Antonio Román Gustavo Castro, the Mexican activist held almost a month in Honduras due to being a witness to the murder of Berta Cáceres, reproached the…

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Gustavo Castro returns to Mexico

THE ACTIVIST GUSTAVO CASTRO SOTO RETURNS TO MEXICO AFTER BEING HELD FOR 27 DAYS IN HONDURAS By: Blanca Juárez The activist Gustavo Castro Soto, the only witness to the homicide of the environmentalist Berta Cáceres returned to Mexico yesterday after…

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Gustavo Castro’s stay in Honduras is risky

By: Blanche Petrich Mexico’s ambassador in Honduras, Dolores Jiménez, affirmed that the risk that Gustavo Castro Soto runs by remaining in Honduras as a victim and the only surviving witness to a high-impact crime –the murder of Lenca [1] leader…

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Honduran government is preventing Gustavo Castro from leaving |Sign petition

[Please sign the Petition at bottom of post demanding Gustavo’s safety!] By: Hermann Bellinghausen Mexico City  Today, the environmental organization Otros Mundos A.C./ Friends of the Earth Mexico reported that Honduras authorities impeded Gustavo Castro Soto from leaving the country….

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Chiapas activist witnessed Berta Cáceres murder

By: Isaín Mandujano San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas (apro) – Mexican activist Gustavo Castro Soto [1] witnessed the murder this morning of the indigenous environmentalist Berta Cáceres, an attack perpetrated in her house located in the El Líbano neighborhood…

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