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Gustavo Esteva: La Realidad is ours

LA REALIDAD IS OURS By: Gustavo Esteva This Saturday we were able to see, with complete clarity, what that other politics is. The caravan from San Cristóbal, with dozens and dozens of vehicles of all sizes, was a serpent of…

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Marcos Announces His Disappearance

SUBCOMANDANTE MARCOS ANNOUNCES HIS DISAPPEARANCE At 2:08 AM this morning, Subcomandante Marcos announced that starting at that moment he ceases to exist. In a press conference before the free media that attended the homage to Galeano, the Zapatista assassinated in…

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Subcomandante Marcos at Homage to Galeano

SUBCOMANDANTE MARCOS REAPPEARS AT THE HOMAGE TO GALEANO IN LA REALIDAD ** Thousands participated in the ceremony; more data was given about the murder of the Votán ** Moisés reiterated that the EZLN’s struggle is peaceful: “If they provoke, we don’t” From the…

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Peter Rosset: To better understand anti-Zapatista violence in Chiapas. A brief guide.

      Are Indians just violent people, or what? Are the Zapatistas violent?  There is a heck of a lot of confusion surrounding violence in Chiapas. To help clear up misunderstandings about what is going on, I offer this…

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Peter Rosset: Para entender la violencia antizapatista

¿Son violentos los indios? ¿Son violentos los zapatistas? Existe mucha confusión sobre la violencia en Chiapas. Aquí intento ofrecer una guía breve para su interpretación. La contrainsurgencia en Chiapas se basa, en parte, en la implementación de políticas diseñadas para…

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