Chiapas Support Committee


Ejido Tila occupies municipal headquarters

[Intro: The Ejido Tila continues to occupy the municipal building that its members partially destroyed and then occupied on Decembers 16, 2015. Ejido members occupy the building and the ejido publishes frequent updates (comunicados) on their website: The comunicado below…

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URGENT: More Zapatistas displaced in San Manuel

FRAYBA DENOUNCES MORE DEATH THREATS AND DISPLACEMENTS IN SAN MANUEL (UPDATED) [Please sign on to a trusted Mexican Human Rights Network’s letter to the bad governments about the attacks in San Manuel.]  We are “on alert” and very concerned about…

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Ya Basta: the zapatistas eighteen years later

ya basta: the zapatistas eighteen years on mary ann tenuto of the chiapas support committee speaks with i.t.a. it has been eighteen years since the zapatista uprising. what is the situation like in chiapas today? In a nutshell, what…

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Zapatista News Summary April 2012

APRIL 2012 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY In Chiapas 1. Campaign To Free Alberto Patishtan and Francisco Santiz Lopez – The Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) in Chiapas launched an intense national and international campaign to win freedom…

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