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Puerto Madero, Chiapas, disappears due to climate change

By: Andrés Domínguez Chiapas would be one of the states most affected due to the increase of the average sea level. As a consequence, the beaches close to Puerto Madero would disappear due to the increase of the average sea…

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Chomsky: Humanity’s most critical moment

THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY In an extensive conversation, Chomsky reviews the principal tendencies on the international scene, his country’s militarist escalation and the growing risks of nuclear war. He stops on the United…

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Esteva: It was an atrocious year

Support Zapatista Autonomous Education! It’s anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist! (Just click on the DONATE button.) By: Gustavo Esteva In Mexico, the moral degradation, cynicism and corruption of the political classes became more and more evident, while the combined violence of…

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