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Trump: anti-immigrant terrorism

LA JORNADA EDITORIAL The escalation of anti-immigrant actions in the Donald Trump administration has reached unprecedented levels in US history with the mass separation of families that attempt to cross the border without the required documents: while between October 2016…

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The “minimum spaces for surviving” are closed In Central American towns

  By: Blanche Petrich Their stories are similar and different. In their cities or towns, in Honduras or El Salvador, the minimum spaces for surviving are closed to them. They killed one woman’s uncle for being homosexual. They killed another…

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Our migrant witch hunts

By: Hermann Bellinghausen In the infinite cascade of misfortunes that characterize the experiences of Central American migration, the law of the henhouse operates during the trip to the tide of thousands that flee from their towns and regions through a…

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The US collected data on 30,000 immigrants in Mexico

IN 13 MONTHS, THE US COLLECTED DATA ON 30,000 IMMIGRANTS IN MEXICO By: Fabiola Martínez, Andrea Becerril, Georgina Saldierna and Jaime Hernández México maintains an agreement with the United States derived from the Merida Plan [1] that has permitted collecting…

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Securing Mexico’s Border with Central America

SECURING MEXICO’S BORDER WITH CENTRAL AMERICA By: Mary Ann Tenuto-Sánchez As the current wave of immigrant women and children from Central America brings more public attention to the issue of migration, we take a look at what’s happening to Mexico’s…

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