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Mega-march fills Tuxtla Gutiérrez

The participation of urban and rural civil society is giving the teachers’ protest broader content. It’s no longer about actions against the education reform, as the contingents that follow the teachers proclaim; it’s about a “resistance to all the structural…

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EZLN: The CompARTE Festival and Solidarity

Compañeroas of the Sixth: Artists from the five continents: Teachers in Resistance: As you know, we have decided to suspend our participation in the CompArte Festival. Of course, for those who know how to read carefully, we didn’t say that…

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EZLN: June’s lessons

July 2016 Compañeras, compañeros, compañeroas of the Sixth in Mexico and the World: Artists of the five continents: Teachers in rebellion: We send you all [todos, todas, todoas] greetings from us, the indigenous Zapatista communities. We are writing this letter…

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A dialogue with the smell of ’68

After the bloody eviction in Nochixtlán, the federal government started to dialogue with the CNTE. However, it refuses to consider the teachers’ principal demand, which is abrogating the education reform. On the other hand, it began to issue a threat…

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CNTE extends roadblocks to 4 states

They will only permit passage to automobile drivers, gasoline and national products. By: Angeles Mariscal and Isaín Mandujano They will permit the passage of people in automobiles and public transportation, of food and gasoline; they will impede the movement of…

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