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San Salvador Atenco, in struggle again!

ATENCO, IN STRUGGLE AGAIN  By: Blanche Petrich Three hours was enough for an ejido assembly in San Salvador Atenco, last Sunday, June 1, to open the door to the sale and purchase of the lands that in the last 15…

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ARIC-ID and the Lacandóns paralyze Ocosingo

ARIC-ID AND THE LACANDÓNS “PARALYZE” OCOSINGO During the month of May, much attention was focused on Chiapas because of the La Realidad paramilitary attack in which Compañero Galeano was brutally murdered, as well as the subsequent homage to Galeano, the…

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A Possible Walmart Connection to San Sebastián Bachajón Dispossession?

RENDER HOMAGE TO DEFENSE OF LAND LEADERS MURDERED in CHILON, CHIAPAS ** They say the attempt to dispossess plots of land is for a toll road and a supercenter ** “Our struggle is peaceful, but we demand respect,” say the…

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EZLN Announces Activities for May and June 2014

The EZLN Announces Activities for May and June 2014 Zapatista National Liberation Army Mexico March 2014 To: The Sixth in Mexico and the World From: Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés Compañeras, compañeros and compañeroas of the Sixth: We send greetings from all…

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